Why Blog?

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So, why a blog?  And why now?

With the increasing venues through which we can share our hopes and prayers for The United Methodist Church, blogs have become a much used tool. Church leaders throughout the connection are using a blog to express point of views about issues facing the Church, to provide insight into their personal faith journeys, or as an outreach to help others through their faith walk as United Methodists.

It is the last two reasons that I find most appealing about using a blog as a way to communicate to the people of The United Methodist Church.

Members of my staff know that I like to keep comments brief! So, there may not be volumes of information for each entry. However, you will find that this personal blog will contain my insight into the financial state of the Church, how being United Methodist impacts my life and faith walk, and my support of the United Methodist connection and what that means for us as followers of Jesus Christ. It is our hope that these entries will help others understand the connectional nature of being United Methodist and how important it is for us to communicate our faith in any way that we can. Occasionally, I may even talk about sports teams in the Philadelphia area – go Eagles!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read. I look forward to our journey together and opportunities to share with you the mission of our Church and how we, as United Methodists, make a difference in the world as we make disciples of Jesus Christ.

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