Monday Meditation – A Psalm of Lament

September 11 Twin Towers

Almighty God, where are you?

In this darkest hour,

We call for you, begging for your light.

For many years now, we have lived with a scar on our land.

It was created with the toppling of buildings and planes upon our soil.

The loss of life, infernal.

The loss of innocence, disturbing.

The darkness fell upon on

Like a veil, as the dust covered us for miles.

For some the pain is still potent.

The grief too much to bear.

The bitterness harsh.

The anger desperate.


But you are a mighty God.

A just and merciful God.

While grace is your first instinct,

Your righteousness will not be denied.

We cry out for your mercy upon our brokenness.

We cry out for redemption from our pain.


The love of God shall never fail

Death, broken in the resurrection,

Is not the last call upon our souls.

Love is the infinite power

That will prevail.

God is love.


Lahore, Pakistan


Lahore, Pakistan

In Lahore Pakistan, a suicide bomber blew up a park that was crowded with families. At least 69 people have been killed and scores injured.

Some went to the park with family and friends to celebrate Easter. They had a boldness of faith that led them to witness for their risen Savior, in a land where they are only 1.6% of the population. They have no safe sanctuary, but they worship Jesus in the midst of persecution and suicide attacks. Despite living in a country where bombs blast and mobs attack Christian villages, churches and hospitals regularly, these Christians still met together in public.

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