Monday Meditation – Change Is Hard

Changes Ahead

All of us have probably gone through or are going through a change.  Some we hate, some we enjoy, some we fear, others we don’t know what to feel or think about.  It is in these times of change that we see who we are and not just who we say we are. We have a chance to ask some critical questions in the midst of change. Who are you during these times?  What is your attitude?  What are your values?  What is your faith?

The UMC is going through changes.

Has been for a couple of decades.  But that is to be expected.  As new generations come through our doors, they bring their own influences and sensibilities.  A grandmother listens to the preacher, assuming he’s telling the truth to the best of his knowledge.  Her grandson is checking out what the pastor is saying on his tablet or cellphone, making sure of the minister’s accuracy through online resources.  He also maybe looking up opposing arguments.

What is the change we want to see in our denomination?  What does God want to change about us?  What is God already changing in UM churches all over the world?

Jesus knew exactly who he was and went about being the change he wanted to see, the Kingdom of God here among his people. Mark 1:15

He wasn’t like Grumpy Cat in this picture.  “There’s only 2 things I don’t like.  Change and the way things are.” says Grumpy.  Jesus was the change He wanted done on earth as it is in heaven.

Grumpy Cat

Dear God, Show us how to change into what we are to be next.  Help us recognize and live faithfully as nothing stays the same.  Change is inevitable but need not be unenviable.  Turn our hearts toward you and your ministry here on earth. Amen.

Meditation Monday: Everything Changes

Everything Changes

Everything changes. And recently it seems everything likes to change at once and at a rapid pace. The church is not excluded from this natural process.

The assumption is that because God is never changing then God’s church as long as it is built upon the Rock, Jesus, it too will be never changing. Yet it is human hands that have built the church upon the unchanging foundation. As such it is imperfect and flawed. It has the greatest of intentions but it is not God.

So the church changes.

But everything changes…even the church.

Change always is distressing, but it can be influenced. It doesn’t have to be inevitable.

Why does change occur? When something becomes useful or useless, change can and usually does happen. Change can be a reaction to or action toward an outside force. People can agree to make or agree to stop changes from happening.

How do we figure out what is appropriate change? For Christians it is to Jesus we must look to weigh our options. What Jesus says and what Jesus does can shed light on a situation in flux. We must cling to Him even tighter now as change seems to push us around in its ever moving march toward some end we do not yet see clearly.

Open our hearts and minds to Your son Jesus. Reveal to us His example and spirit for our lives today. Give us a rock to stand upon as change swirls all around us. Amen.