Monday Meditation – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year blog

After a tumultuous and sometimes painful year, we have survived to live another day!

Thank you, God!

In a time when it seems our thoughts and prayers were sorely tested by the evil of the day, we clung to the hope implied within them.

Thank you, Jesus!

While we have lost some loved ones this past year, new ones have come into our lives.  We celebrate the beginning of new relationships and endeavors for the coming year.

Thank you, Holy Spirit!

As the year ends, we remember the good and bad times that came and went.  We saw great devastation but we also saw and knew great love triumphing over hate in every occurrence of evil.

To this we cling to – love.  The love upon which our thoughts and prayers are grounded surely still matters and will always have victory over indifference and evil.  It provides the impetus to do more.  To feed the hungry.  To seek out the lonely.  To visit the imprisoned.  To quench the thirsty.

Let us begin this New Year acknowledging what has gone on before but looking forward to what will be waiting for us in the coming days.

Thank you God for another day!


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