A Fire, A Flood and Help

Home Depot

Instead of each person watching out for their own good, watch out for what is better for others. Philippians 2:4

In conceiving of the Ministry Partners program for The United Methodist Church, our first priority was to make sure that local churches would receive meaningful help for their ministries.  As we vet these partnerships, we constantly ask how does this support local churches and the work they do in their neighborhoods and communities?

We want to always keep in the forefront the many people that our UM churches interact with on a daily basis.  They are the mission fields that Christ has called us to harvest.  They are the purpose of the Church.

One ministry partner, Home Depot, has helped not only build up the Church’s physical edifices, but it has also helped local churches to save money on necessities that thereby bring a cost savings to the church budget which can be reinvested into ministries.

One such team was able to help rebuild after a wildfire took the home of a family in the mountains of Tennessee.  The ministry partner was able to provide funds to buy supplies.  In Houston, the same ministry partner helped to create cost savings for the many churches there in need after the flood.

Calvary UMC team to ASP

“In the middle of December 2017, a devoted team of four spent a week in Sevier County, Tennessee, not sightseeing, but working with Appalachian Service Project (ASP) to rebuild a home destroyed in the 2016 Gatlinburg fires.  With supplies funded in part by a gift from Home Depot, the four men from Calvary United Methodist Church in Nashville, TN joined with ASP to make the season a little safer, warmer and drier for a household that had lost nearly everything a year before.  Home Depot’s generous gift made that work a little easier during this latest Advent season.”  Bryan Brooks, Pastor Calvary UMC

After the Flood

In 2017, the Home Depot worked with Texas Annual Conference churches and Parsonages in need of repair following the devastating storms.  To date, the Home Depot has been able to provide 250 gallons ($6,500 worth) of Concrobium for mold and disinfectant treatment. Ministries of the churches that have been helped are back and serving the members and communities where they are located.

How can you participate? We encourage you to invite your church or United Methodist affiliate organization to help support ministry by signing up for The Home Depot Pro Loyalty Program.

  1. Visit HomeDepot.com/ProLoyalty
  2. Sign in to the UM Account using:
    Username: Sponsorship@gcfa.org
    b. Password: gcfasponsor1
  3. Follow instructions to sign up!

The External Relations Team at the General Council on Finance and Administration has created many relationships benefiting ministries of our Church. If you have questions, please contact: ExternalRelations@gcfa.org.

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