1 Doughnut, Numerous Savings



What would you do to keep the doughnuts in your church every Sunday? When the finance committee had to cut the church’s doughnuts, Monte Chamberlin had seen enough budget cuts to last a life time. When the committee adjourned, Monte set out to save the cherished Sunday morning doughnuts—which served as a time of fellowship, sharing and caring. What he found was a way to leverage a coalition of churches to buy 200,000 doughnuts annually and reduce the church’s total expenses. Because of a doughnut, Monte founded Cost Stewardship, a company that finds abandoned or unknown refunds available from government agencies and utility providers.

Monte, a 24year veteran executive for a Fortune 500 company, is the founder of Cost Stewardship works with churches, camps and even hospitals to retrieve health care tax rebates and sales tax refunds. Prior to the May 15, 2016 deadline, churches can file for two years of government health care rebates. The average church may save over $4,000 in health care refunds from the US government.

It is inspiring to listen to Monte as he talks about success stories where Cost Stewardship helped churches find money. He tells me about some of the people he helped, like Mary McCoy in Mount Lebanon, IL. She quickly signed up for the service and her church received almost $500 in a cash refund from the US government. “I still remember the handwritten letter she sent me” Monte tells me, as he recalls that her church’s outreach ministry was able to buy bible study materials and treat participants to a movie with the money they saved.

In addition, we talked about how he was able to help a faith based hospital. After Cost Stewardship reviewed the hospital utility bills, they found almost $500,000 in sales tax refunds from the state government. Whether it is $500 or $500,000, Cost Stewardship helps provide new funds for churches to support their ministries and outreach within their community.

Using a free online survey that takes about 6 minutes to complete, your church may well be on its way to funding your next new ministry. And if you ever catch Monte early one morning, reach in and grab a fresh, warm doughnut.

What would you do to save your church’s doughnuts?

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One thought on “1 Doughnut, Numerous Savings

  • March 2, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    Thank you Moses for your kind words about Cost Stewardship. We (Cost Stewardship) are grateful to GCFA for the opportunity to serve this new ministry of administration. The efforts of the Sponsor Program team are unique and progressive compared to other denominations we interface with.

    Thank you for going the extra mile by committing time, talents and resources to help the local churches in new and innovative ways.


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